Our Story

At MyooStore.com we love working women who stand for being comfortable, trendy, and
conscious about money! And to spread exactly that...is our core vision: ”Deliver affordable outfits that make you the smartest and most trendy Boss while in
your home office or your office office!!”

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Always ready, Always trendy

No matter where you work or what role you do perform we want to be able to provide you with fashion that helps you Express Yourself...to help you work as who you really are!

From our bosses
From our bosses
I loved my dress! it arrived in 3 days! I had not seen that speed, it is compared to amazon.
— Carolina
From our bosses
"amazing product, i am delighted with this store, great customer service”
— Amanda
From our bosses
Size fits perfectly, affordable price, amazing shipping time
— Daniela

Must Haves


If you like to be elegant, fashionable and ready for various activities during the day, you must have some good dresses in your closet,


Pants! basics that help you solve your daily routine in a better way, you just have to add a little creativity so that you look different every week


A little bit of color (or a lot of colors if You want), some patterns, a few accessories, and voila! awesome outfits that make you look perfect!

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